Saturday, March 13, 2010

Faces of Culpeper.....a new citizen

The Pepper has one more resident, my newest grandchild Nathan Matthew Crowley.....yeah!!!!!

This time my shooting turned out to be educational.  As I said I would,  I did most of my shooting in the downtown area....alot of it on the streets.  I ran into some very interesting long time residents who longed for the past, and were very willing to share their memories.  The more people I get to talk to, the better I like this place.  The day was a beautiful one and it felt good to be outside.

I ran into this couple at Yowell Park.  They seem to represent the transition between winter and spring.  He's ready for spring and she is still in winter.

This was great!  I was driving past Baby Jim's Snack Bar and saw these two men having lunch under the "no loafing" sign.  I turned back and asked if they would mind if I took their picture with that sign.  As you can see, they were great sports. 

This lady filled me in on some of the history of Culpeper.  She is one of the last of the original Rixey family.  She owns the Country Store. 

These next three ladies are a lot of fun.  They work in the Finance Office for the City of Culpeper.  They sit behind protective glass and so I had to poke my camera through the hole in the glass in front of each of them to take their picture.  Look at those great smiles!  At least we can pay our bills to someone with a pretty smile.

Roger owns the Music Store on main street.  I had to wait for a few minutes while he took care of customers before I could shoot him.  What a friendly guy!  He does business in a down home kind of way.  Many of my favorite people are musicians and this guy has musician written all over him.  If you can't find me, I may be hanging out at his store.


This was unbelievable!!!!!  It was the day after the Academy Awards and I ran into George Clooney right here on the streets of Culpeper and he was acting very much in love with this woman.  I am pretty sure that she was not the one with him at the awards did he get here so fast?

OK!!!!  This is Katy and she manages Pepperberries.  She is smiling so much because my wife has purchased about 30 Vera Bradley bags at her store. 

It was very cool to run into this young mom on the streets downtown.  Probably teaching the baby the fine art of shopping.

This lady was very sweet and willingly let me take her picture.  She is a fixture at Clark's Hardware.  Clark's has been in business over 100 years!!!!  Just look behind her.....if Clark's Hardware doesn't have doesn't exist.

Finding a man wearing a coat and tie is not the easiest thing to do here.  When I saw this man outside a restaurant I hurried over to take his picture.  We chatted for a while and as we were parting I asked him what his first name was.  He told me Andrew, and then fished out a business card.  I didn't look at the card until I got home.  This wasn't just any old Andrew......this Andrew is the Director of the Criminal Justice Services Program.  Yes, sir!

Marlys is the Planning and Zoning Assistant for the town of Culpeper.  Word has it that she was the chairperson for the last two July 4th celebrations. 

Frank Dowdy is a delightful person and longtime resident of the area.  He expanded my knowledge alot.  He talked about how busy these streets were "in the day".  Now so many stores are on the edge of town that it spreads the shoppers out.  He, like many of the oldtimers, miss the way things were.  I can understand that.  

Ashton is at the Saddle Store.  It is an interesting if I only had a horse.