Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Yard Sales

When I thought of shooting yard sales it seemed like a great idea....a slam dunk.  In truth it was one of the hardest topics I have tackled.  It was not difficult to find yard sales, heck, they are every where....it is just that I had more people than ever before decline having their picture taken.  I know that everyone wants to look their best especially if they might end up in the paper, but there were a lot of ladies this time who told me that they had not fixed up...except at the Knights of Columbus sale.   I guess that makes sense...I don't suppose too many people get all ready just to go out to yard sales.  We have a friend who likes to say, "I can get ready or I can go, but I can't do both!"  I do think, however that all of the people who are in this blog look great.  Thanks to them!

It seems like yard sales are a staple of normal living in the Pepper and probably everywhere else.  They seemed a likely place to see another face of Culpeper.  The first Saturday I went out hunting for yard sales, I did not have to go far.  Just a little way down Belle Ave. I saw  a sign on a street post.  I followed the signs and Bingo!... there was a yard that was full of treasures!

Bright and early in the morning and just before customers were arriving I found Sarah who was a rookie at yard sales and Stephanie Matlock who is a yard sale veteran.  I thought the prize of this sale was the custom made Chris Cooley jersey for a little girl.  If it would have fit anyone in my family, it would have been gone immediately.

Knights of Columbus Council 6328 Culpeper
yard sale

It was my luck to run into a giant yard sale sponsored by the Knights of Columbus.  Let's see who was there.

Lots of people, lots of space, lots of stuff.  This is about half of the sale.

Here is an interesting lady.....first note that she has a fist full of money and then I will tell you more.  Did I mention that she had a fist full of money?   ......  Oh yeah.   She is Joan Depue and she is a Pastoral Counselor to the poor and needy at Precious Blood Catholic Church here in the Pepper.  Of course she and I hit it off because I was formerly in charge of the school counseling for Fairfax County Public Schools.

I just know I am going to get this wrong, but here goes.  These men are John Brown who is retired from retail management and human relations and Mr. Depue who is retired FBI.  If anyone wants to contact me with more information....I am interested because there is a gap in my notes. 

Here is a busy man.  He is Dan Larson and he works at MASCO and Target.

These ladies told me that they are "yard sale regulars"  and that they find treasures all the time.  They are Anita Ryan, Sandy Colwell and Shannon Williams.  You may want to note that Shannon is holding crutches but I want to tell you that even being hurt did not slow her down even a tiny bit.

I had just taken two pictures of this lady when she stopped mid sentence and exclaimed, " You can't use my picture!  I am supposed to be at work!"  So I am using this picture instead.  Shame, shame.

Here is 4/5ths of the Ryan family.  There is a really cute mom missing because she did not feel like she was her best for a picture....our loss.  On the other hand, the dad is Hugh Ryan with his three handsome sons, Mason, Benjamin and Noah.  Hugh is a stockbroker at Scott and Stringfellow.  He is also an original, born and raised right here in the Pepper.


I don't run into people very often who are as sweet as this lady. This is Lynn Meney at her yard sale with her granddaughter Faith Johnson who is from Pennsylvania and visiting grandma. About ten feet behind me was a customer who did not want to be in the picture, but who told me that she "loved" my pictures in the Culpeper Times.  I "love" compliments whenever I get them.  :)

Here is a fun couple, Jason and Jennifer Spence.  They were at it bright and early.  Jason is working on his certification to be a personal trainer.  Jennifer is teacher and special education chairperson at Rappohanock High School.  My wife was the special education chair at Woodson High School....instant connection. 

So.........I was driving and saw preparations going on for this yard sale.... almost all clothes.  There were three ladies sorting through the clothes so they could put them out in and orderly fashion.  I walked over and gave them my card and explained that I was doing a blog on yard sales and wondered if I could take their picture.  One lady translated to the other two and they all nodded and said it was ok.  I thanked them and walked over to the street so that I could get the necessary perspective.  When I turned around this is what I found.....lots of clothes, but no ladies.  If you looked closely you will see the back of one of them right behind the tree.  They were all hiding there while I took the picture.  Never a dull moment.......

Now this is pretty neat.  These two ladies are out checking out yard sales as part of a church project.  Their church is furnishing an apartment for some people and these two have purchased a number of things to donate to that cause.  Tamika Thomasson, a teacher assistant is on the left and Tia, her step daughter is on the right.  Tia is a sophomore at Eastern View.

I had heard that it was not a good idea to have a yard sale on a holiday weekend.  These folks proved the exception to that rule.  We got the entire team together for this picture.  Tina, in white, is the czarina of this yard sale.  From left we have Andrea, Angella, Tina and Darby (cool name, that one!).

Here is the big finish...in the time that I have been looking at yard sales in the Pepper I have, as a rule,  found only two or three people at a time at a sale.  This one hit the jackpot.... it is Tina's and it was crowded.  I hope she made a fortune.  On the other hand, I hope we see one of these folks on "Antiques Roadshow!"

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