Friday, January 29, 2016

Culpeper in Black and White.... just a peek!

I have been shooting and writing this blog for a lot of years now.  Six years to be exact.   This is blog number 56.  This winter has been a challenging one health wise and I have had a lot of time to think.  Among other things I thought about our town and the hundreds of people I have included in this blog.  Of course, I couldn't leave well enough and so I added a "Faces of Culpeper by Rich Crowley"  facebook page which has an amazing readership.  I pondered the value of these efforts and whether the time and effort spent was meaningful to the readers.   Those questions are still to be answered, but I did decided to do one blog in black and white for a change of pace.   AND just for this one I am changing style with very little writing and lots of photos.  Many of these pictures you may have seen before some not at all.  The more avid a follower you are, the more likely it is that you have seen some. least for the time being, and as long as I get satisfaction, I will continue to chronicle the "Faces of Culpeper." 

So this is the latest, the least colorful and the one with talking pictures. 


We have at least one person who is more than just a mail clerk..... he is a friend. 

                                            A former Marshal                                          



                                                                       A friend to kids

We are home to a national cemetary

This young woman has recorded more views on my facebook than anyone else!

A legend, so I am told.


Just one of the hundreds in Culpeper who  sport tattoos.  It seems like everyone does.

Another tattoo.

Cute families are everywhere.

....and pretty girls

We have many magnificent old homes!

Moms and daughters

The flooded walking bridge in Yowell Park.



I used to hate having this industrial part of town be the first thing you would see.  Now I kind of like it.

That's the big show for this time.  I hope a gave you a cross sectional peak of the Peper.
Be sure to check out my Facebook page...... "Faces of Culpeper by Rich Crowley"  it changes every other day.