Saturday, January 8, 2011

Faces of Culpeper......Brrrrrrrrrr !

Here I am with my granddaughter Audrey all bundled and ready to go out in the cold weather.  You know it is not always easy to think of a subject that I want to cover photographically here in the Pepper.  When I think of something that grabs my fancy I get excited about it and automatically think about how it is going to work out.  It has been cold here lately......This December was the coldest one on record.  January is predicted to progress the same way.  So I thought it would be fun to go out and take pictures of the people all bundled up against the cold.   My image was big overcoats, hooded parkas and other heavy winter wear.  So I first headed to the Target parking lot sure that I would find women and men in winter gear rushing to their cars.  It was after all, 32 degrees.  I did not have to wait long for the first woman to exit the store.  She was wearing......nothing in the way of a coat or jacket!!  She stood there for three or four minutes with no visible sign that it was cold and then strolled to her car.  What??!!! In time I was not disappointed with the people who were well dress for cold weather, but what was surprising was the number of thin sweaters, light hooded sweat shirts,  jackets  (and just wait until you see what one guy was wearing!) and other light articles of clothing.  Those under dressed people  were all shivering and the ones I ask said they hated the cold, but they were doing nothing to fend off the low temperature.  I was astounded!  The second day it was 30 degrees when I ventured forth and the wind was blowing making it feel much colder.  Almost everyone was dressed for the cold. That made me feel somewhat better about the sanity of my fellow citizens.  Let's see who I found.

This is Tyrone Richards who like me, is a retired guy.  He said he hates the cold and has considered moving to Arizona, but then asked me if I had seen the weather they have been having there.  I have seen that weather and think that he and I both will be content to stay put in the Pepper for a while.

This lovely lady who is perfectly dressed for cold weather or any other occasion is Delores Smead.  Delores grew up in the Culpeper area and then moved to California for most of her adult life.  Recently she has moved back to help her mom.

You know, guys are interesting.  It was almost 30 degrees with snow predicted for the next day and Craig Newsom decided it was a perfect time to wash his vehicle.  There may be some ladies out there that are shaking their heads, but most of us guys understand and think it is perfectly reasonable.  Even if it only looks great for a few is worth it.  Not only that, but Craig had the good fortune to have his good friend supervising from the warmth of his own truck nearby. 

This is the previously mentioned "friend" who offered suggestions, barbs and observations while Craig labored.  His name is Josh Brooks.

I had just pulled into a parking lot when I saw this attractive family heading my way.  I grabbed my camera and stepped out of my car.  This lady, Noreen Shorey,  proceeded to make my day by saying, "I know who you are!  You are Rich Crowley."  She told me that her BFF had told her a few months ago that "people are actually following this guy" and that her mom who lives in Richmod follows this blog. (Let me give a shout out here to the BFF's mom in Richmond)  That promted Noreen to start following the feature, "Rich Crowley's Snapshots of Culpeper" which appears weekly in the Culpeper Times.  Just this week she had seen the picture of the woman and her daughter with the Christmas trees and wondered if she would ever cross paths with me.   She did and the rest is history except to note that the handsome gentlemen accompanying their mom are Miles on the left, and Jonathon on the  right.


TA DAH!!!!!!!!

I was entering the parking lot of Kohls when I spotted this guy with no shirt getting something out of the bed of his truck.  I had to have this picture cause man, it was freezing.  James Keck was at the back of his truck because he had decided it was time to put something on and so he was getting a sleeveless tshirt.  He assured me that he kept the cab of the truck really warm.  As I told some people I was photographing about James, a couple reported that they had seen him driving around without his shirt.   James !!!!!!!!!!

After James.....whew! attention was drawn accross the street to where several cars had stopped.  I saw the sign and headed on over to see what was happening.  Butch, L.J. and Chris had a pen of pit bull pups for sale and boy were they getting a lot of traffic.  That is Bryan who is a potential customer holding the puppy.

Lincoln Catron and Megan Payne had stopped to look at the dogs and I grabbed their picture.  Even the wind could not alter what a nice looking couple they are.

Saturday we had snow......for about two hours and then it melted.  I was lucky enough to take this picture of Clarence Carte in the snow.  Now.....he fits the mold I had envisioned with the big parka and the stocking cap.  I know he was warm. 

It was absolutely freezing and ice was on the ground when I found Dawn Pollard.  She is a cake decorator at Walmart.


These ladies were loading their car at Marty's (as we call Martins) when I happened upon them.  They were so nice to let me take their pictue and to stop and talk for a few minutes while they froze.  This is a mother/daugher team.  Delores Lucas is on the right in the fashionable hat.  She is a high school teacher at Battlefield High School.  Delores commented that she always looks for my "Rich Crowley's Snapshot of Culpeper"  in the Culpeper Times.  Well she and her daughter will be in it before long.  On the left is Jackie Lucas the daughter who is an attorney.  They are great people and an excellent way to end my blog.

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