Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall at last?

Well, there are signs that fall is almost here.  We have had some beautiful days and some nice cool nights.  Unfortunately we have still been having some heat and dry weather.  However, it feels good to know that full blown fall is just around the corner.  Here is a picture of me and my wife Andrea at Kelly's Ford Inn on one of those beautiful days.

In this edition I found people at random that I had not published before and got their picture so that we all can get to know them.  First I want to feature new neighbors in my neighborhood.  These folks are the  Brausen family and they just moved in this last month.  They came from Minnesota by way of Hay Market.  They are Joe and Shantelle and kids.

I decided that I wanted to stop in the "Grey Ghost Tactical" store on Sperryville Pike and meet the people there.  They were friendly and I was on my best behaviour for obvious reasons.  These guys have some serious armament.  Brett on the right is the owner and Billy is on the left. 

Just outside of the gun shop I ran into these two engaging young ladies. They are Angelica Hartley who works right there at Fantastic Sam's and Dawn Jenkins.  Dawn and I struggled just a little trying to determine the exact words to describe what she does.  We decided on "woman about town."  She is a social spirit that one is.  These two were fun!

Just down the street is a cool looking building that houses "Randy's Flowers."    I  entered through the door with a sign that said, "Don't let the dog out."  Inside I met a character.  He started kidding from the first minute we started talking and kept right on going until I left.  I am not sure that I got any straight answers, but I do  know that his name is Randy and that he has been in the flower business here in Culpeper for thirty three years.  Donna is his right hand person.  They are both great people.

I have to admit that for some time I have been checking out the shop on Main Street that says, "Studio C".   I watched the work progress as the work was being finished on the inside until it became obvious that it was a photography studio.  I have lived here for three years and have only met one professional photographer in that time.  I determined to make it a point to stop in and meet the owner.  Day after day as I drove by I would think that I really needed to make a stop there.  Sooooo I finally did!  I found a really nice photo studio and a kindred spirit.  I have mentioned that I had a photography business as a second occupation for 32 years and so I know how hard it is being a professional photographer.  The owner and chief photographer is Timothy Carlson and we had a good time chatting and talking photography.  He is a genuine guy!  Of course I took his picture.  I even put his head squarely in a frame.  No extra charge for that.  I have a feeling that I will drop in there another time. 

Further down Main Street I ran into Taylor Bennett, a guy in a white shirt and tie.  There are not too many of those here in the Pepper and so I had to know just what it is that he does.  It turns out that he has a exceptionally cool job.  He has been the assistant golf pro at the Culpeper course for six years.  I'll bet there are lots of people who would like that job.

I went to visit a lady I know at the Culpeper Rehab Center which also is an assisted living facility.  I have noticed this man sitting in his wheel chair just outside the front door several time before.  This time I decided to stop and talk to him.  I am glad that I did.  He is Thomas Houstan and he is a resident there.  He formerly was a truck driver and is a very engaging and interesting guy and he has not family in the area.  I like him and will never pass him again without a chat. 

One day I decided to drive outside of town to "Yoders" to buy some bulk popcorn.  Oh, yes...bulk popcorn is the only way to go....I am particular and was looking for some exceptional popcorn.  When I got there I realised that the store I had gone to was actually the "Ole Country Store and Bakery."  Just a slight confusion.   Anyway, it was perfect and I bought two different kinds of popcorn and they are both better than anything you can buy in a supermarket.  Delicious!!!  The young owner of this store is Al Esh.  If I understood right, he is originally from Kentucky.  Anyway, there are lots of good things in that store to buy. 

I was not the only customer in the "Ole Country Store"  and one young lady caught my eye.  She had "school teacher" written all over her.  Not just school teacher but "elementary school teacher."  They just exude enthusiasm and positive attitude.  Sure enough, this is Meghan Kimec who hails from Richmond and she has just begun her first year of teaching.  She is a special education teacher in the first grade at Farmington Elementary School.  My wife supervised a special education program in Fairfax county and so we have a bond with others working with that group of special children. Good luck!

I own an old Victrola that I would very much like to restore.  I am constantly searching for someone who can do that.  I was near an antique mall and went in to see if there was anyone who knew of such a person.  No one did, but I was lucky to go in there that day and meet some neat people.   First I met Linda and Wanda antiquing away.  They were not so sure that they wanted to have their picture taken, but after we talked a little, they decided it was ok.  They taught me something that I did not know.  They had both worked for several years at a Wrangler Jeans plant nearby.  I had no idea that Wrangler used to have a facility in the area.  It is just interesting to know. 

Also in the mall I met this couple who are betrothed to be married next year.  They are, Robert Downie (no, not that one, but everyone including me feels compelled to ask) and Jessica Uhlig.  He is a gemologist (no doubt good news for the ring) and she is an office manager for an advertising agency. 

I think I am going to wrap up this blog right here.  As always it was fun meeting new people.  Hey, check out "Rich Crowley's" Shapshots of Culpeper"  in each edition of the Culpeper Times.

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