Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's Christmas Time in the City

"Silver bells, silver bells, it's Christmas time in the city.  Hear them ring, ting-a-ling....soon it will be Christmas day."

To begin please click the link below.  My talented daughter in law created a short video to express the real meaning of Christmas.  That's me on the vocal.

Like so many others, Christmas is my favorite time of the year.  We no longer have children at home to wake up on Christmas morning hoping that Santa has been by, but we have thoroughly enjoyed watching our own children's excitement as they prepare Christmas for their children who are, of course, our grandchildren.  As a family we never lose sight of the fact that we celebrate the birth of the Saviour on this day. 

I have attempted in this blog to present a flavor of Christmas in our town of Culpeper.  It is a fun place to be during this season and the people I have encountered were happy.    
Let's jump in:

Christmas in Culpeper is about decorating houses and businesses.  It is about house lights......

And decorated mailboxes.....

And more house lights........

And wreaths in the windows of businesses.....

And about shop owners who provide products to enhance our enjoyment of Christmas.  This is Shirley Kinneman the owner of "Designers Choice."  This store may be the most fun of any in the Pepper during the Christmas season.  Shirley has owned it for sixteen years.  It is on Davis Street.  It is the part of town where Christmas comes alive.


Christmas is about helping others........

The Salvation Army has been about its business of helping others since 1865!  I respect these men who do their part in the cold.  They are Stuart Clatterbaugh and Jonathon Brooks.

Toys for Tots is a program that is run nationally by the Marine Corps reserve and provides gifts for needy children.  Bet you didn't know that!  It has been in existence since 1947!  Below is Connie Carpenter who accepted my donation. 

Christmas in the Pepper is about toys for good girls and boys

There are stacks of American Flyer riding toys at Clarke's Hardware.  They are my favorite since they were around when I was boy.  We bought a great American Flyer rocking horse there.  It has provided hours of fun for the grandkids.

And there are rows of toys at the department stores.

And everywhere are parents with their kids checking out the toys.  Here are Michelle Ragland,  son Shay Rayland and daughter Sayvonn Linsay with the almost endless variety of dolls.

Here are Beth and Mary Stephens looking at Elmo and other fun toys.

Christmas is about finding just the right present. 

Here great grandmother Lucy Creel and grandmother Gloria Phillips making sure that they will make a grandchild smile. Isn't that just sooo cool!!

Jackie Smith wants the kids  in her house to get just the right snow sled from Santa.  Christmas is just fun!!

Christmas in the Pepper is about Christmas trees and wrapping paper. 

Marie Thompson and her daughter pass through the display of Christmas trees at Target.  I have sadly noticed that there are few Christmas tree lots this year.  That is too bad.  That said, I am thoroughly enjoying my artificial Christmas tree.

Heidi Welch gives her daughter an early start on learning how to pick gift wrapping paper.

And Christmas is about "waitin on a woman."

If you have never heard the Brad Paisley song, "Waitin on a Woman" then you have really missed out.  Next time you go shopping take notice of the men hanging out at the doors or sitting in the chairs provided for, you guessed it, men who are waitin on a woman.  They don't provide those chairs for the female folks, you know.  Even during Christmas shopping I found a man patiently doing that kind of waiting.  His name is Jack Clatterduck and in this case he was waiting for his granddaughter.  He is a good sport.

Christmas is about wreaths on the gates of historic houses, street decorations, rows of poinsettias and a Christmas tree made out of purses in the window of Pepperberries.

Christmas has become a time to shop for electronics.

Billy Samuels is getting some excellent  assistance from Staples store manager Karen Douglas as he looks for a photo printer.

One of the truly great things about living in Culpeper is the early December "Parade of Historic Homes."   So in the Pepper, Christmas is about touring historic homes!

Bill Reighard portrays a confederate soldier in the front yard of one of the homes.

Katrina Negley is a Southern Belle

John Ruf is the owner and provides historical information on the house and what life was like when it was first built.

As  we left there was a group gathering for the next tour.

Let's not forget that Christmas is also about Santa Claus.

I went to Belk on Saturday  because I knew that Santa Claus was going to be there.  Unfortunately all of the young children had come and gone by the time I got there and I needed to have someone on Santa's lap.  This sweet lady readily agreed and she sat on Santa's lap and whispered in his ear.  He never told me a thing, but from the way these two look.......I think she was a naughty girl this year.

Then this young girl also agreed to be with Santa for a photo.  You can just tell that she was nothing but good all year long.

Christmas is about giving and being happy to do so.

Just like in the song, "Silver Bells," Designer Amy Schilling is "rushing home with her treasures."

So here in Culpeper, Christmas is a lot of things and it is a great season.



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