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Faces of Culpeper ..... Culpeper Days

I have lived in the Pepper almost 33 months.  Sadly, I let two celebrations of Culpeper Days go by with narry a nod.  This time we had a friend from our previous life who had rented a booth to sell a really neat product line, so we went down to see her and to spend a maximum of one half hour at the celebration.  Let me tell you that after ten  minutes I headed for home to get my camera and notebook.  Once I returned we stayed for three hours having fun, fun, fun!!!  We enjoyed the booths, the Farmers' Market, the music, the food and the people.  The whole atmosphere was what I have come to expect in Culpepeper .... relaxed and enjoyable.  I saw people with and without tattoos.  I met a couple of photographers (one with great portraits!!), a young lady in a Civil War dress, heard some good singers and it goes on and on.  I took some pictures and talked with a lot of folks..... all in a great mood!  I won't miss this event ever again.

Here I am right by Clarke's Hardware on Davis Street as it normally appears early in the day.  During Culpeper Days this street was loaded with canopy-type booths.  It was jammed with them behind me all the way to the fire station.  In front of me booths were set up  almost to the train station.  If you turned right at the old train station, you would face a rather large stage where bands performed.  To the left....Farmers' Market. In between there were lots of people, but not so many that you could not easily get around.   All the normal merchants were open and it was rockin!  As usual, I grabbed some shots of some of the folks there.

This time let's start with Roger Carter.  I saw Roger from a distance and figured with the suit and all that he certainly was the dignitary in charge of Culpeper Days.  It isn't every day that a man in a three piece suit is loose on the streets of Culpeper.  It turns out that Roger is a local handyman and that he likes to look good.  Well, he looks great and he is my kind of guy!!!!

I stopped and watched these three young people play.  They go by the "Wilkening Family Bluegrass Band."  They were good and I was really enjoying their music when something happened.  Right in the middle of a song the young lady's cell phone rang.  Well, of course I understand the adage that "the show must go on," so I mentally prepared to hear the trio play the rest of the song.  Nope! (Isn't this a current young people classic?)  The young lady took a couple of steps to the right and took the call!!!!!
That left her brothers playing two thirds of the arrangement while she talked on the phone.  It made me laugh out loud.  They were still good!

With the advent of the warm weather, there were lots of sleeveless blouses and shirts and quite a few tattoos on display.  I am giving serious consideration to doing a "Faces of Culpeper ...... the Tattoos".  If I do you may see this girl again.

This lady was resting on the curb by the Farmers' Market.  With her bright blouse, bright balloon and bright smile..... I couldn't resist.

In my last blog I said that Yowell Meadow Park was for dogs.  I know that I said that  and even at Culpeper Days there were some dogs present.  Here is Dennis and his best friend enjoying the celebration.   Dogs just may be taking over!

I mentioned in my profile that I worked as a part time professional photographer for over thirty years shooting mostly weddings, but also portraits.  I know good pictures when I see them and Elizabeth Bailey takes good pictures.  I especially liked the senior portrait of the girl in the hammock.

How about this young lady all dressed up as a Civil War belle?  Her name is Allie and she was there representing the Culpeper Museum..  I cannot imagine that any good citizen of the Pepper has not taken advantage of the wealth of info at this museum, but if any exist..... shame on you!  Get on over there!  I promise that you will not be sorry.

One of the factors that made Culpeper Days work so well was that it was easy to move up and down the street. One huge reason for that is that traffic was kept flowing by the policemen and cadets on duty.

This is kind of a snapshot (pun intended) of what Culpeper Days is about.  These three men Tim Dalman, Pat Deighan and Billy Ward representing Ruritan were there working all day raising money that will help provide service for others.  You have to respect that.

This young man was enjoying the sun.  He is, or goes by, I am not sure which, Chris Grand Pre.

Did I mentioned that Culpeper Days was for Vietnameses Potbelly Pigs????  Yep!  Right here in the Pepper and on a leash..... a potbelly pig.  Geeeez!!!!  Here are Brittany Chapman, Amanda Davidson and "Shadow"  the pig!!!!!!!!!
But wait .... there's more!!!  Amanda is a "snake wrangler" in her family business called .... what else? .... "Snake Wranglers."  If you have any snakes that you don't want hanging around, they will come and capture them and you can sleep soundly again.

And here comes the big finish ..... drum roll, please...... this is the self proclaimed "Hot Chick."  What can I say about this woman except that there is a lot of ham in this chick!  M Mickeis was representing Bark's Chicken!  She deserves a black and white picture and a color one!!

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