Monday, April 19, 2010

faces of culpeper ..... I've got to admit it's getting better; it's getting better all the time

For  my first couple of comments you need to refer to the picture in my last blog.  I am indeed getting better.  Today, five weeks after my surgery I was actually able to walk the path at Yowell Park without my knee acting up.  I was switched to a smaller cast a few weeks ago and only have 10 days before that cast comes off and I switch to a splint for six weeks.  It is a slow process, but I am sure it will be worth it.  I feel like I have been a bit of a shut in while the world of the Pepper has become beautiful.  We live near Culpeper County High School and the sounds of kids and sports and bands drift up the hill to us.  We love it!  I used this picture from almost exactly one month ago at Yowell park, presurgery, and with one of my grandaughters because it was outside and sunny.  The change in one month has been phenominal.  Our little flowering bushes are beautiful and the flowers on the fruit trees are long gone.

I decided that my next blog will be "The Faces of Culpeper..... Yowell Park."  It should be fun, but first
let's check out these faces.

I simply cannot resist starting with my favorite picture from this session. I had decided that I would run over to the place where I previously had my car detailed and get a shot of the guy who did the detailing for me. He has tattoos and is a drummer in a band. When I got there the door was unlocked and I could see a sign on the counter. I walked over through the racing tires and hot rims etc to read to sign. It said, "I am out back." Only in the Pepper could you leave your business unattended. So I walked next door to "Kween's Hair Salon" and found these folks. Victoria Bowles was cornrowing Tyrell Humphrey's hair. I was totally sure that Tyrell would never let me take a shot with his hair in process, but he just smiled and said, "ok." That is one confident man. I had more fun getting this shot than any I have taken for some time. Great people there!


I slipped over to the library to see what was cooking. I first found Amanda Weakley at her desk. I was drawn to the sign on her desk. I just asked one question......can I take your picture? She obviously knew the right answer.

At the front desk was a young man named Joe Boronat. Interesting guy. Besides his passion for things written, he told me that he is the Pastor of a church with the name "The River." He shared his blog with me which I will link with this one a little later. He has written great short stories, or perhaps they are parables or even sermons. Good stuff! He is a good one to know, I think.

Just across the parking lot from the library sits the ice cream stand owned by my friend CJ Shewbridge. I stopped and found that Brandi was working that day.

Fred Brown used to work for Facquier County Schools. Since I used to work for Fairfax County Schools, I thought we had something in common.

Mike is the manager of Merchant Tire. He has been there for about 26 years. Wow! Steve is a mechanic at that shop.

About a week before Easter, the Honey Baked Ham store sent us an online, "buy one and get one free" coupon. Since it is one of our favorite restaurants, we headed over for lunch and to order our Easter ham. This sparkler is the manager and her name is Tracy.

These two guys make it happen by preparing the sandwhiches and doing whatever it takes to make the  operation run smoothly.  Ryan is first........

                                                                                                                   and this is Taylor.

This pretty young mom is Uvbi (pronounced You Bee) and her seven week old son, Titus.

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