Sunday, April 4, 2010

Faces of Culpeper .... Pardon the Interruption

Ok, ok.....I just got this blog off the ground and then I take almost three weeks off.  Sorry!  I put this picture of the wounded me on in order to get alot of sympathy and by way of explanation.  I had thumb joint replacement surgery which explains the cast.  Then I got an pretty severe infection in my knee.  It most likely was one of those hospital infections that can do you in.  Everything is pretty much on the mend now. Of course my right hand is the dominant one, so I am typing sort of hunt and peck.  It also has made it hard to shoot a camera, but I am figuring that out slowly.  One more month now in a new small cast...three weeks in a splint and then I hope I will be back to normal, whatever that is.  In the meantime I will try to keep on meeting new people and photographing them.

Before the surgery I ran out a couple of times to get some pictures.  Some of them are below.  The  more I do this, the more fun it becomes.  I just walk up to people and ask if I can take their picture.  Most agree and usually we have a conversation.  Nice people here in "The Pepper."

Let's start this installment with Karen Douglas who is the store manager of Staples.  What a sweetheart!  She was really helpful.

This gentleman manages the photo dept at Walgreens Drug Store.  His first name is one of the most unique I have run into so is "Ransom".  He is Ransom Dye.  When I told him what I was doing with my "Faces of Culpeper"  blog he was very enthusiastic. Great minds.........

This is Ashley and she checks you out at Staples.  Great smile!

I poked my head in the GNC store and found Caitlin making sure that all of the large number of displays were just so.  I found her to be knowledgeable, friendly and I assume healthy.

These next two guys were among the first people I met when I first moved to the Pepper.  I have biked for years and took my bike into the shop for a tune up.  These guys are ace mechanics!  They made it hummmm.  However they also broke the news to me that there were no bike trails here.  ARGHHH!!  They suggested some country roads, but I'm not into that anymore.   That takes nothing away from the fact that these guys know their craft.
This is Brian......

                                                         ....and this is Mike.

I had a nice conversation with John here.  Interesting man.

Handsome couple!

Dave was walking with his dog Ringo ("Yellow Submarine") in the Pet Smart store.  We had a great chat.

Well that's it for now.  Feel free to comment.  You can also talk with me at

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